Calendar Math Binder

**I will be leaving this information up for others to use.  We are not doing Calendar Math Binders now that we have a Smart Board in our classroom.  We do the calendar binder activities on our Smart Board now. **

What is Calendar Math Binder?

The children are responsible for filling out the pages in their own personal calendar binder as we go through the calendar routines.  I found that the children were more engaged during calendar time and were practicing many important math skills hands-on on a daily basis.


Below are photos, explanations and links to documents found in the calendar binder. These are listed in the order in which they can be found in their binders. 

If the document is from another teacher I have linked you to their web page to download the document as these are not all my original documents. At the end of this page is also a section with links to other teachers websites to see how they implement these in their classrooms.



For my calendar binders I choose to use 1" 3-ring plastic poly binders.   I choose these so that it would be easy to take pages in and out and because I found them for .25 cents each at Staples. :0)

(Photos coming soon!!!)

Binder Cover Label

These are made on 3.75" x 4.75" white Avery Labels #6878.


Zippered Pencil Pouch

(Photo coming soon!)

I found these for .97 cents at Walmart and they were some for a $1.00 in the dollar section at Target.  I prefer the ones that have an actual zipper, they last much longer.

In these we will keep a pencil, crayons, and other items the children will need to work in their calendar binders.  This helps keep us organized and saves time searching for pencils, crayons, etc... everything we need is in one place. 


How Many Days Have We been In School?

The first page is the days in school sheet. I downloaded these from I ran it back to back on heavy cardstock since this will be in the binder all year. For the first month I have it set up so that there are dotted numbers for the children to trace and then after a month they will have blank spaces to write in.  When I write on the calendar how many days we have been in school, the children also have to write/trace the number in their book. If we count by 1's, 2's, 5's or 10's the children have to point to the numerals as we are counting out loud.


Zero the Hero

Every 10th day of school we will celebrate Zero the Hero using this page. The children will have to color in Zero and the number every 10th day of school.

This page will remain in the binder all year and is copied onto heavy cardstock.

Zero the Hero Page

Calendar Songs

This section of the binder will have songs that we sing during calendar time.  I thought having the songs printed out for them to point and follow along with would be helpful.  Some of these are used all year and will stay in the binder all year.  Other songs are monthly songs and will go home each month.

Months of the Year

Calendar Page

Each month they will have a new calendar to fill out.  These were created by Jessica Meacham.  You can go to her site and download calendars for the 2008-2009 school year.

Weather Graph

Each month they will have a new weather graph to fill out. 

These match the one we use each month in class.

This will begin in September.

Weather Graph


(Photo coming soon!)

At the beginning of each month we will put labels on our Birthday chart of the names of our friends who are celebrating birthday's that month.  Summer birthdays are recognized during the month of June.

This page is run off on heavy cardstock and is kept in the back of our binders all year.

Birthday Page

Birthday Name Labels


Additional Page Ideas

The Following are Pages that are added to our calendar routine during the school year. The goal is to add one new routine approximately each month. I have listed the following pages in order by the month I hope to start each new page.

Tally Marks

(Photo coming soon!)

We will begin doing daily Tally Marks for the days in school in October.

Tally Marks Page

Problem of the Day

We started doing these last year in January.  I printed up the problems on labels and the children put it on the top of the blank page and then did the problem.  Follow the link provided to a terrific site that has many problems divided up by topic for you to use.  I hope to start doing these earlier in the year this year.  My goal is to connect the daily problem to our Everyday Math Lesson.

Daily Problems

Calendar Math Binder Links


I learned about this from the wonderful teachers who graciously share their ideas and materials on the Kindergarten chat board on  Thank you!!!!

 Please go to the following sites for more information on Calendar Math Binders/Folders.