F.R.O.G. Binders

So, what is a F.R.O.G. Binder?

F.R.O.G. = Fully Responsible Organized & Growing

The F.R.O.G. binder is a 3 ring notebook that students use everyday to develop organizational skills and develop responsibility.

This 3-ring notebook houses EVERYTHING students and parents need to keep up-to-date with what is going on at school. 

 Gone are the days of wrinkled papers and lost notes, newsletters, or calendars.  No more searching the house to find paper in order to write a note to school.  Everything you need is in one notebook!

 So if you want to know what's "Hoppening" in Mrs. Eby's Kindergarten Classroom just look in your child's     F.R.O.G. Binder.

  Here is what you will find inside our F.R.O.G. Binders:
Inside Front Pocket of Binder Notes and work from school.

These should be taken out and kept at home.

Important Notes


 Money Pouch




This pocket is to be used to send notes to the teacher that need immediate attention, such as transportation changes, doctor's appointments, urgent concerns, etc. I will also use this pocket to send you notes that require immediate attention.

From time to time, you may need to send money to school for lunch, book club orders, Market Day orders, etc. Please use the zippered pouch to send money to school.

Please check this section daily.



This section is for important communication between home and school.  Please leave all notes in the binder so that we can look back and remember any communication we may have had.  I will initial all notes I read from you and ask that you do the same.  In this way, we will know  that our notes have been read, even when no response is necessary.



Ways to contact me and other staff members will be shared on the contacts page.  Please keep the contact’s page in the F.R.O.G. Binder.

Class Newsletter

I will update our newsletters every 1-2 weeks.

Class List &

Daily Schedule


 A class list and schedule will be kept in a plastic sheet protector for your reference.  Our daily specials are indicated on the schedule. 

ABC Chart &

Rainbow Words


We use the ABC chart for shared reading, and also a reference for sounds when writing.  Your child will also learn many high frequency words in Kindergarten.  We call these words “Rainbow Words.”  An ABC Chart and listing of Rainbow Words is included in the F.R.O.G. Binder for review at home. 

Reading & Writing Resources

This section will contain information for you to refer to at home.  A list of reading strategies, writing tips, handwriting charts, as well as other resources will be added to this section throughout the school year. 

Take Home Book



We have a take home book program in our classroom.  Beginning in October/November your child will have daily opportunities to take a book home to read at their independent reading level.    Books should be returned the very next school day.


F.R.O.G  Binder

 Resources for Teachers

I have included links to all of my word documents I created for my FROG Binders as well as links to other teacher websites that have great information and resources on how they use Organizational Binders. I hope you find some helpful information.


FROG Binder Cover Page FROG Binder Explanation Page
FROG Binder Contacts Page FROG Binder Communication Log Cover Page
Frog Binder Communication Log  
ABC Linking Chart ABC Linking Chart Explanation Page
Rainbow Word List  
FROG Binder Labels

I have created labels for the different sections of the binder.

These are set up for Avery #8160 (1"x2 5/8") Labels.

Take Home Books Pouch Labels

Notes & Work from School Labels

Important Notes & Money Pouch Labels


Organizational Binders


If you have a site that is not listed please email me and I would be happy to add a link to your website.

Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with others.

My  B.E.E. Book resource section