Rainbow Words

I have created new worksheets for my Rainbow Word Lists and also a dice game - scroll to the bottom for links!

To motivate your child to learn their letters/sounds,  sight words, or to learn to spell those important high frequency words, our class will be using a fun system called "Rainbow Words." You can follow this link to the website to learn more details. 

I have adjusted this fun motivational approach to better meet the needs of all of my students.  All children will have a Rainbow Color Group to work on but some children may be working on learning their letters and sounds, some will be working on learning their sight words, and some will be working on spelling their words.

There are six groups of words or letters/sounds one group for each color of the rainbow.  When your child is able to read or spell all of the words in a color, they will receive an award certificate for that color group and will add that color raindrop to their clouds.  Their individual clouds are kept in their F.R.O.G. binders and are for you and your child to see.  Not all children are working on the same level or skills or are progressing at the same pace because of this I prefer for this information to remain private for each individual child and not displayed openly in the classroom.  


Rainbow Sight Words

Learning high frequency sight words is important to your child's ability to read fluently.  Some words cannot be decoded easily, and your child should know them by sight, we call these sight words.  We expect our Kindergarten children to work on learning the 43 words found on the pre primer list of "Dolch Sight Words" in Kindergarten this year. 

The goal is for your child to master all of the words on the rainbow before the end of the school year in order to be better prepared for reading in First Grade.

My goal is to make this fun for the children and also make sure each child is individually challenged.  Below are some of my instructional approaches to teaching Sight Words.



Rainbow Sight Word Lists

I have taken the 40 pre-primer Dolch sight words and divided them up into six rainbow word color groups.  There are between 5-7 words per color group.  I will send home notes letting you know how your child is progressing on learning each group of sight words. 


List #1 - Purple Words


List #2 - Blue Words

List #3 - Green Words


List #4 - Yellow Words

List #5 - Orange Words


List #6 - Red Words


Dolch Sight Word Lists



Pre Primer Dolch List


Primer Dolch List


First Grade Dolch List



Heidi's Songs


 Heidi's Songs offers a fun and unique way to learn our sight words. 

Click on the pictures of Heidi Songs below to visit her website and  hear samples of the songs.



Teacher Resources

These are the notes I send home for each group of color words to keep parents up to date on student progress. 


Purple Words


Blue Words


Green Words


Yellow Words

Orange Words


Red Words



Sight Word Games

I will put copies of the games I make for my students in the section.

Please feel free to download and use/change these to fit your needs.


Sight Word Memory Games

I copy these onto coordinating colored cardstock and then just cut apart and put them in baggies.

Organization Photos

I have also attached copies of the directions I place on the baggies for the parents. 



Purple Words - Memory Game Cards


Blue Words - Memory Game Cards

Green Words - Memory Game Cards


Yellow Words - Memory Game Cards

Orange Words - Memory Game Cards


Red Words - Memory Game Cards
Directions Label

I printed these on Avery #8162 labels and  attached to the plastic baggies.


Parent Label

I printed these on Avery #8162 labels and attached to the plastic baggies.



Sight Word Worksheets and Sight Word Roll a dice games.


Finally - I have some new items finished.  I had to make these PDF's so that I do not violate any copyright issues with the clip art and fonts.  If there is much interest in these with different words I may try to set up something through TPT or a similar site and take requests to make sets with different words.

If you have any suggestions/feedback please email and send them my way and I'll see what I can do.  I hope that you find these useful.